Where the Rivers Meet the Sea:
Using the Body Mind Spirit Connections in the Management of Lymphedema, 2nd edition, 2009

by Sharon Langfield BSc.P.T.
& Janet McFarland, PT, BSc.P.T.

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This book is designed for people with lymphedema to use with their CDT therapist as a way of learning more about lymphedema, expanding their home program and empowering themselves not only in managing the lymphedema but also in creating the satisfying and meaningful life that they want.

Where the Rivers Meet the Sea explains in easily understandable ways:

  • Current research in body, mind, spirit connections
  • Techniques for using body, mind, spirit connections including visualization, self-massage, breathing, guided imagery and much more
  • The structure and function of the lymph vessel system
  • Clear diagrams of the lymph vessel system
  • Personalized maps of the client’s lymph vessel system
  • Balanced exercising with lymphedema
  • Finding balance and self-care
  • Ways of understanding multi-level work
  • Stories of other people who have used these techniques
  • Resource list

Where the Sky Touches the Earth:
A Lymphedema Therapist's Guide to Working with the Whole Person


by Sharon Langfield BSc.P.T.,
Janet McFarland, PT, BSc.P.T.,
& David Rankine, BFA

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This new resource from CDT therapists Sharon Langfield and Janet McFarland is beautifully illustrated with 11 original designs by artist David Rankine. Where the Sky Touches the Earth weaves new research in neuroanatomy, biochemistry, quantum physics, positive psychology, and sociology with clinical strategies, client stories and a wholistic model to create a compelling case for the benefits of working with the whole person.

The primary focus of this book for CDT therapists is how to develop and work with the rich resource of the therapist/client relationship in order to co-create healing.

Where the Sky Touches the Earth includes chapters on:

  • Neuroplasticity and mirror neurons
  • Solution focused approach to client-centred care
  • Four levels of healing
  • Building a feedback system with awareness
  • New models of the therapist/client relationship
  • Role of gratitude and generosity in health care
  • The importance of touch
  • Self care for the therapist
  • Clinical applications and client stories
  • How psychoneuroimmunology and quantum physics impact lymphedema care
  • Interconnected model of lymphedema care
  • Relationship between nature and the lymph vessel system

For reliable information and to order many resources, we would recommend the National Lymphedema Network in Oakland, California.


National Lymphedema Network

Alberta Lymphedema Learning Association

BC Lymphedema Association

Lymphovenous Association of Ontario

Lymphedema Association of Quebec

Lymphoedema Association of Australia

British Lymphology Society

Information Sheets


Recommended books on lymphedema are:

Burt, J., White, G. & Casley-Smith, J.R. (1999). Lymphedema: A Breast Cancer Patient's Guide to Prevention and Healing. Alameda CA: Hunter House Inc.

Langfield, S. & McFarland, J. (2009). Where the Rivers Meet the Sea: Using the Body Mind Connection to Manage Lymphedema. Cookstown: Cookstown Centre for Wellness. (see ad above)

Swirsky, J. & Nannery, D.S. (1998). Coping with Lymphedema. New York: Avery Publishing Group.


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